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How To Make Money With Whaff Easily

How to make money with Whaff | I guess right now you have already know what Whaff is. What you are looking for is some easy ways to really making money with the app. Isn’t that a great idea to make money just by downloading and trying out apps or games on your smartphone?

At first, I use Whaff to buy gems for Clash of Clans. But after a week, I found that I could get more than $15 effortlessl. That completely changed my purpose in using Whaff. The sum of the money is too worthy if I use it only to buy gems. As there are options to send the money to PayPal, I started thinking to make serious money with Whaff. What you are reading right now is actually what I’ve been doing with Whaff to earn more.

But in case you don’t know much about Whaff yet, let us figure it out.

What is Whaff?

Whaff Rewards is an app that will reward you some money just by downloading or running the downloaded apps and games on your smartphone. It is now definitely the best reward app on the net. Each of the download gives various amount of money, from $0,1 up to $3, based on the app and the country you live in.