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3 Tips to Protecting Your Estate

In the world of today, everyone is out there accumulating wealth for themselves, and their successive generations. After all, by the time you retire, you just got to show what you’ve been working your guts off for all those years! But then again, so many people make grave mistakes during their younger active years, such… Read More »

4 Myths of Equity Release

Equity release is a financial package specifically designed to help people that are older than 55 years get access to money. In other words, it’s a loan where you use your home as collateral. The good thing is that you get a lump sum figure without having to sell your property. Financial institutions offer this… Read More »

5 Reasons You Should Start Trading in Forex Markets

Forex, also known as foreign exchange is the world’s leading financial market offering opportunities to investors interested in trading currencies. Historically, the foreign exchange market was reserved for multinational corporations and wealthy businessmen, but with the advent of the internet, the market has been opened up to accommodate the average investor. Below we share five… Read More »

5 Types Of Businesses That Should Have A Merchant Account

A merchant account can simply be defined as a bank account that allows your business to accept payments in multiple methods such as debit or credit cards. The merchant account is established after an agreement is reached between your business, a merchant bank and a payment processor regarding the settlement of the payments made through… Read More »