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5 Reasons to Sell a Fixer-Upper House

Cracked roof shingles, a basement full of mold, walls with holes, a porch about to crumble on your playful teens does nothing but spell disaster. Repairs can be too expensive and living around here is far too dangerous. If this describes your house, then you might be considering selling it. Here are just a few reasons for doing away with your fixer-upper house.

1. You Inherited It And Don’t Want It

Sometimes you may have an inherited house but you’re living far away. You may be visiting the property once after a long time, making its maintenance almost impossible. Doing repairs may not make much sense as you do not live there much anyway. Since you never purchased it with your own money, it’s easy to let it go at a low price.

2. No Money To Make Repairs

Maybe your problem is not that you live far away. You’ve checked and found out that you can’t afford the repairs. Maybe you’ve gone ahead and looked for a loan from refinancing programs to no avail. Or you’re not comfortable with taking loans because of their mortgage insurance problems. If that’s your case, then just sell the house.